Proszę o wsparcie dla Krzysia Bulczaka, największego bohatera jakiego znam.

A right to copying as a condition of born-digital heritage preservation

My short text appeared in the post-conference publication of CopyCamp:

CopyCamp conference is an exceptional meeting of all parties interested in the debate on the current shape of the copyright system. Every year, experts representing cultural institutions and the media, artists, scientists, lawyers, politicians and activists meet in Warsaw to discuss the future of law regulating the circulation of cultural goods on the Internet and its influence on society, science, education and art.

I was inspired by the myth of Library of Alexandria’s aggressive copying strategy (according to Galen) and use this context to show how the freedom of copying is important for born-digital heritage preservation:

The idea of heritage expands – we can even make experiments in preserving M.M.O.s, the massively multiplayer online games (the How They Got Game project at Stanford), and can archive not only the content of Web pages but also an experience of using them as in the proposal for Facebook archiving by Frank McCown and Michael L. Nelson (2009). But there is an obstacle: a copyright system within which copying can’t be a neutral act.

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